in the yamas: Aparigraha

As we continue our Konmari work, I have been curious where her ideas best fit within yoga philosophy. Aparigraha is the concept of non-attachment and non-hoarding. And, literally, I think that represents so much of our work to free our home from unnecessary possessions. Most of the focus here tends to center on money and posessions, but it also speaks so much toward goal pursuit and self-acceptance.


This process has been clear in my life with the purging of our posessions and our financial reign-tightening. But I also love the next steps that both Konmari and Aparigraha present. By having less preoccupation with our possessions, we will be more conscious about our spending. As I continue the practice of having a place for everything, I have caught myself asking "Where will I put this?" if I consider making a purchase. I have asked myself if I really need something that I desire (like that adorable water bottle I put back at IKEA).  I can see my tendency to impulse buy decreasing as I question the need and the use for items. And it is so refreshing to make buying decisions from a place that isn't financial while still being financially sound. My mind is pretty much blown. I am not as attached to money as a number or self-defined by what I do or do not have.


I also love what Anna from Curvy Yoga is teaching here about Aparigraha. She broadens the concept to include being unattached to the results of a process and instead softening into it. I want to better my health, but am not attached to reaching a certain weight. I want to build my coaching business with as much effort as I have to give, but be open to - not obsessed with - what comes next. I love what she says about anchoring in the beauty of the process and not the outcome. Thinking about my pursuits this way is so empowering. I do what I can do, I work to my best effort each day (Lenten promise keeps going!), and then I roll with what comes next. Without being caught up in stats beyond a weekly check. Without stepping on the scale every day. Without worrying about what happens next. Giving my best effort and having non-attachment with the result.

I'm not here yet. I still catch myself creating long-range money plans and "if I eat this way I can make this much progress" plans. But having an awareness of my connection to results is helping me turn that part of my brain to a more peaceful place. I am starting to think about those results thoughts as the clutter that I cleared out of my house.

I have to let them go.


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