my security blanket.

I'm excited about warm temperatures. Please don't misunderstand me. But, friends, I have gotten really attached.

i honestly think I have worn this scarf every single day this winter. It is my security blanket. 


I love her. She keeps me warm. She keeps me dry. She wipes condensation from the inside of my windshield. She can be used as a lap blanket. She can hide a lunch dribble or too much cleavage. She smells like me. She is super soft.

She protects me. I need her. 

or so I thought. 

It was strangely empowering to leave her in the car today. I don't feel as vulnerable or unprotected as I expected. I feel light.  

Maybe I'm enough. Maybe I don't need the things I think I absolutely depend on. 

Maybe I can do this. 

And, today, maybe is enough.