Viveka - keen discernment

I love LOVE this book. I think it boils yoga philosophy down to a level that is understandable to a layperson, like me.


Today I want to talk about Viveka. Viveka is about freeing ourselves from unnecessary baggage. Separating what is useful from what is not. And from this clearing, we will build our self-knowledge and end our internal suffering. 

We've done a lot of work with physical clearing with the Konmari process. But it doesn't stop there with me. I wanted to look at my media consumption. I wanted to start looking at how I react to what I absorb, to start noticing what is useful and building happiness and what is unnecessary.


I started with Pinterest. I haven't really spent time there because of the pressure I feel. So I deleted a lot of my boards. Recipes. Running. Borderline fitspo. Crafts I know I'll never complete. Don't get me wrong, there's still a lot there. But what is left feels light instead of heavy. That feeling of weight was my criteria for deleting vs keeping. 


My next project will be Instagram. I love Instagram for so many reasons, but I am starting to notice some self-judgement creeping in there. Yes, lots of Instagram Yogis are inspirational, but a lot of them also create self-judgement for me. And I also follow quite a few brands that present goods - yoga stuff, jewelry, clothing - that I desire. And that desire isn't in line with saving money. So some of these brands also cause unnecessary internal conflict.

My next media project will be clearing my Instagram following list.


I will open each feed and see how I feel about the images I am presented with. Do I feel light or heavy? Do I grow or shrink? Is the information helpful? Why do I like this? Does this person and these images build me up? Make me think? Or just add pressure and discontent?

I'll keep you updated on this process. 

This discernment is also super helpful in Facebook, Twitter, and email lists. I have practiced similar processes in those areas for a while, so those spaces are pretty congruent already. 

I encourage you to consider the impact of the media you ingest. What feeling does it create? How could you create more intention and peace in those areas?


Eunoia starts Monday, friends. And I love this offering. You'll get 20 lessons - in an ebook and in daily emails - to explore a similar discernment process in areas of power, freedom, fun, and love. We'll also have a text message conversation each week and 2 mini-sessions. I originally designed this offering to be completed in a month, but the ebook allows you to work it at your own pace. You can click here for more info (and a video!). You can also comment on this post with any questions.