Day 106 - Accepting What I Find

Throughout my yoga practice, I have been putting so much effort into letting go.

Those negative thoughts that still creep in about my body? Let them go.

Those expectations I have of where I should be in my practice already? Let them go.

Those thoughts of how I should have my life figured out by now? Let them go.

I thought that the letting to would be the process that I grew from. But I am finding more about myself from the things that already live in the space left from this releasing. Just like when we are in a seated twist, and we lengthen our spines to create space and then can twist just a tiny bit further. That is how I feel. I let go and I find space.

This space is where I find room to play. Where nothing is expected, but I can explore with curiosity.

This space is where I find reverence. Where I can cherish each breath and each cell and each moment.

This space is where I find surrender. To my truth and my Creator.

This space is where I find peace. My attention is in that moment, that breath. And it is calm and peaceful.

Letting go over and over and over brings me to a place of acceptance. I'm no longer arguing that I should be different or weight less or have more flexibility or spend less.

When I release what I am not on the exhale, I accept what I am on the inhale.


When paired with the release, this acceptance does not feel radical. It doesn't feel intentional or even by choice. Actively releasing expectation/guilt/shame somehow leads to acceptance of my true self. It feels like it just happens.

If we practice breathwork, sometimes we focus only on the exhale. Maybe we reach a certain count. Maybe we try to empty out all parts of the breath. It can vary. But the point is that when we focus only on the exhale, we allow the inhale to happen naturally.

I don't know how much effort I have put into self-acceptance over the years. How much I have fought this need to be different. How much I have wondered who I really am. I don't know how much, but I know it has been a lot.

I found the answer in releasing what I am not. And allowing what I am to just show up on the inhale.

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