the beginning of our Konmari process


Let me introduce you to the book that is rocking my world. There is some upheaval on the horizon for us. Nothing major, nothing life-threatening or joy-threatening, just something that we will need to figure out. And it is important to me to have as many nagging things gone before this happens. And making a shift closer to minimalism is important to me.

When I learned about the KonMari method, I was a little unsure. I mean, how is this any different than all of the other minimalist information that just floats around on the internet? What I have really connected to in this process is respect. Respect for how items have served me. Respect to let go of what has served its purpose. Respect to release what is adding chaos and clutter to my life.

I honestly started just because I want to move my office upstairs. I just wanted to clear out one room and one closet. I only cared about creating a sanctuary in one part of my house. This is what happened.


I know that the automatic reaction is to look at this and think that this sort of clearing must have taken all day. It was roughly two hours. TWO HOURS. "Does this item bring me joy?" I allowed that to be my only criteria.

Then I was on a roll. The next weekend, we attacked our bedroom. Clothing was both harder and easier than I expected. I was able to get rid of a lot with the "joy" question, but there are also a lot of clothes that I love that don't fit. I used not only the "joy" question, but also "is it replaceable?" Tshirts from events (BlogHer'09!) and dresses that I love got hung in the spare closet. Running shirts (#RunKY) and race tech got packed in a box. I kept maybe 25% of my smaller clothes that I would miss if I ever were a Medium again. They are in my spare closet. They are not taunting me from my daily closet. I don't know that I will always keep them, but it feels like a nice compromise.


After going though our closet this weekend, this happened Sunday night into Monday. And this is a lot of snow for Kentucky. They were predicting the biggest snowfall in 10 years. (I'm not sure if it lived up - we haven't really had the tv on.) I know this is the norm for some of you, but Kentucky just doesn't have the resources to deal with this. So we are on snow vacation!


We spent a good chunk of our first snow day going through books. This is the upstairs haul - some of Nathan's books and my cookbooks. There are about 6 bags downstairs of my books. And Nathan still has downstairs shelves to go through.


I cannot tell you how freeing it was to finally release all of the books that held hope and expectation. Diet cookbooks. Bob and Jillian telling me how to get my crap together. Letting go of all of these books about food really felt like I was finally admitting that I am the expert on my own body. That I know what is best for me. Even with the books that aren't telling me what to do with food, there was still just such an overload of information. Releasing these is powerful.

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

I have another snow day today. I plan on starting to attack paper - clearing out my desk downstairs and the files (*cough* stacks *cough*) in our kitchen cubbies. I'm not doing any major bag-creating work right now because our house is full of bags right now. With our snow-induced State of Emergency, we're really not able to get our discarded stuff out of the house just yet. So I'm trying to allow the stuff behind drawers to stay that way until I'm ready to sort and discard in a quick fashion.

I'm sure I'll write another post about our continued experience, but to follow along play-by-play, visit my instagram page.

And update your readers to I'll be cross-posting for a week or so, but I will make a shift to writing there only. I'll keep reminding you. Don't worry.


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