my mala - Horizons from Tiny Devotions

I am very attached to my yoga practice. My yoga mat is like my sanctuary. It is my sacred time.

And I end each of my practices with a round around my mala. I wear it all of the time. But I use it as a rosary/meditation bead combination. With my own rules.

I start with the big stone...


And this prayer from Danielle LaPorte.


I use the first three little smooth beads to get really settled and centered. Then I actively pray around - a prayer at a time - until I reach the first smooth pink bead. I have 15 beads to pay attention to where I want my energy and my focus to go during the rest of my practice.


There are 70 beads between the small pink beads. Those beads are where I meditate. Where I try to let things pass me by. Take one breath - in and out - with each bead. Sometimes I count the length of my breath. Sometimes I think "in.out." And sometimes something comes up in my early prayer that becomes a mantra.

When I have worked my way around for 70 breaths, I come to another little pink bead.


With the final 15 beads, I pray for other people specifically. It is no longer about me. This is where I send my energy out into the world. There are three more small stones where I focus on gratitude and sealing my prayer. And then I am back to the big stone.


And I recite the Nicene Creed. Often out loud.


I adore this practice. So much. And, as we approach Lent, I just wanted to share it with you. I know there is some chatter about yoga being a religion, or how yoga can impact religion. And I just wanted to show how I integrate my yoga/meditation practice and my faith.

Do you have any special ways you incorporate the sacred into your day?