February organization with Erin Condren

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So, funny story. I was cheating on Erin Condren. I bought a moleskine planner. I thought I enjoyed it. And I did enjoy the layout. But, in a bizarre dealbreaker, all pens bled through. Even my Staedlers. And I just couldn't deal with that. So I used a hybrid of the weekly format that I have grown to love and my bullet journaling system and this is what I came up.

The new Krissie System.DSC_0395

Can we first just pause for minute and marvel over that lovely sparkly Kate Spade bag? Total impulse buy for myself while Christmas outlet shopping. Under $20. How could I not?

Okay, Krissie. Focus. My daily carrying system is based on three things: black Moleskine brain-dump book, little pouch of mini-journals, and my EC on-the-go notebook.


The Moleskine notebook (grid) is where I keep all of my ideas.


Rough drafts for blogposts that I scratch out while in waiting rooms. Rough drafts of yoga sequences. Crazy ideas that I'm not ready to act on but will someday. Coaching session notes. Disorganization to the max, but stuff I may need someday.


When I ordered the EC notebook (that I show you later), I ordered a wellness journal and a budget book on a total whim. I've had the monthly calendar for a while and have totally fallen in love with it.


I am excited to start using the wellness journal. Aesthetically, I love that it is set up like the Life Planner. But what I love most about it? No numbers. No spots for calories or points or carbs. Just spots to record what I ate. I love this so much. I'm starting it this week, so I'll keep you updated.


Same with the budget book. It starts this week. I'll double check January's numbers and we'll have a baseline. So then we'll watch February and see where we can lean out a little.


The monthly calendar really works well for me. I use stickers from Erin Condren to show appointments and activities. They keep me from planning too much in an evening. I used the Martha Stewart teardrop stickers from Staples to show bills I need to pay and invoices I need to send. They are movable from month to month and I can see at a glance what I have left for the month.


Now to my bestie - the On-the-Go notebook. I literally gasped when I received this. I think it is so, so lovely. (And I'll talk more about that this week.) And, yes, that is a little kitty cat foot in the upper corner.


I started with the monthly spread. I used red and pink washi around all edges of the page so it will be easy to find. On the left-hand page, I listed my monthly intentions. Not a to-do list, but a guide for the month. On the right-hand page, created my tracker. Yoga minutes, meditation minutes, and running miles. I'll add them up at the end of the month. Again, no goals. Just tracking. And there is room left over for random notes during February.


Next is my weekly spread. I added a sticker on the top of the right-hand page to serve the purpose of a tab even though it is flush with the page.


The left-hand page lists my intentions for the week, a place to track, and goals. I tried to set realistic goals based on January, but I'm not tied to them. If I don't read or write enough days, it isn't the end of the world. But then the second section is the to-do list. Some of it is more time-sensitive than others, but these are the things that I really need to get done this week.


This spread is marked by the meal planning insert from Erin Condren. It is blank so far because I needed to get these pictures taken while it was still daylight. It'll be filled out (and grocery list made) by the time you read this.


I love how the weekly schedule shaped up. I mean, the squares just miraculously split up evenly. It will definitely fill up during the week as my weekly to-do list gets delegated to specific days.


Then I'll use the bullet journaling system on the blank pages. This is where I will keep quotes that speak to me. This is where I will take notes on my daily readings. Where my Moleskine is a place for my ideas, this is a place for information.


I get asked often, so these are the pens I love - Stadters and PaperMate Flairs.


Lots of fun things live in my Kate Spade pouch - washi tape wrapped around a ruler, a wide Sharpie, a fine Sharpie, a pencil, and lots of stickers.


So, yeah. Most of this is carried with me back and forth. My purse is huge. My shoulders are strong. All is well.


Thank you for indulging me!

And now, let me thank you! :)


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