spirographs. and you are worthy to woo.

If stress levels can be measured by spirographs (and I think maybe they can), I am at Threat Level Orange. You know, right up next to red. But orange is my power color. So I guess that's okay.IMG_1602You know how sometimes you are put in a situation that feels both terrifying and end-of-the-world but also liberating and exciting? Yup. That's what these spirographs are about. IMG_1604 Things will be changing. Things will be evolving. Aren't they always, though? IMG_1603

So what do I know how to do while I feel terrified and unsure and excited?

I draw spirographs.

I make my way to mat. I will go upstairs and do this practice with Anna as soon as I hit publish here.

I reach out to my friends and my parents and my husband and I am reassured.

And I reach out to you. Because my heart feels most full when I am coaching. When I am spending time with you. So here is my Valentine's Day gift to you.


Worthy to Woo is a 14-day (free!) series focusing around loving yourself. Making time for yourself. Wooing yourself.

As we come up on Valentine's Day, we tend to turn our attention to love. To our significant other (or to the lack of one).

This year - as the holiday approaches - let's turn our focus inward.

By signing up below, you'll receive an email a day from February 4 through February 17 with a 5-minute task. Just a little something that can trigger thoughts and actions around self-love, self-attention, and self-courtship.

You are inherently worthy of love and attention from yourself. And this is a way to remind yourself.

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