One word. Plus bonus words.

I love my word for 2015. /home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/6ff/37073134/files/2015/01/img_0388.png

I love what respond means to me. It isn't just action. It is understanding what I want. It is understanding what is too much for me. It requires understanding and curiosity toward myself and my current state. And then responding. Reacting. Taking chances that feel right. Trusting my body to tell me what movement and food fill me and responding within those lines.

But I'm not stopping there. Several months ago, in a course with Hannah Marcotti, I created this post-it wall of phrases that build me. Light me. Guide me. Speak to my truest wants and drives.


Each week, I'm choosing a bonus word from this wall and creating a weekly focus phrase. It goes in my planner right under respond.

Last week: Find awe in the common.

This week: curate a lived-in life.

It feels like a smaller experiment within a yearly focus word. This phrase is just for a week. And I have a whole wall to choose from.

I love the concept of having more short-term intentions. Allowing myself to try things on and see how they fit. To be able to pick something each week to reflect that week in particular. And it also helps me process through my almost-but-not-quite-perfect potential intention words for the year.

I like being able to move on not just year-to-year, but also week-to-week.

Happy January, sweet friends.

courageous foundation long

Courageous Foundation started today (!!!) with a video and a tracker. Wednesday will be a Q&A. Friday will be an audio meditation. All focused on building trust and friendship with your body. I will teach you how to read what your body is telling you about food, movement, and beauty. The process is led by an attitude of curiosity, so I think there is an ease and peace to it. I'd love to have you along. It isn't too late to get in!