#reverb14 // day 15 // soul food

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#Reverb14 | Prompt for December 15

Soul food: What food did you discover this year?  Or maybe you discovered a new way to prepare your favorite food.  Or a new cookbook.  Or a new restaurant.  Tell us about your culinary adventures.

The other day, my friend Holli asked me about that one new restaurant in Asheville that I was in love with. This prompted me to dig through facebook to find this picture.

Screen shot 2014-12-22 at 4.03.46 PM

Anniversary dinner gone wild at Isa's.

There are truly not enough words. Cheese + watermelon. Gin + grapefruit. Duck + rissoto. Gin + lemon lavender syrup. And champagne + two desserts.

All in a super cute art-deco restaurant.

Yup. This was the meal of the year.

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