#reverb14 // day 16 // picture

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#Reverb14 | Prompt for December 16

1000 Words: There’s the old saying that a photo is worth 1,000 words.  Give us a photo with that impact that sums up some significant event of your 2014, or give us 1,000 words about a pivotal moment in 2014.

In the spring, I completed a course with Vivienne McMaster and Anna Guest-Jelley called Curvy Beloved. (You can read my immediate response to the program here.)

The course completely changed me.


This photo is the first photo I took for the project. It isn't the best photograph. (You can see the full collection here.)

But it was the first photograph.

The first time I propped my camera up against a rock, set the timer, and ran out into a field to get grounded before the shutter released.

This is the moment that I started to allow myself to take up space. To park my car for two minutes in a spot that might not have been exactly legal. To not apologize for putting my phone in awkward spots and taking pictures of me. To ask Nathan for help if I couldn't get it set up just right. To be in the way. To be a little inconvenient. To take the time I needed to get the composition just the way I wanted it. To recognize that sometimes the most beautiful photograph was not the one with the most perfect expression of the pose.

This moment. In this field that I drive by most days. This is when I started taking up space. And it is beautiful.


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