#reverb14 // day 14 // one little word

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#Reverb14 | Prompt for December 14

One word: What one word could describe your 2014?

Around this time last year, I worked through Susannah Conway's Unraveling workbook. (Here is this year's and, friends, it is so so beautiful.)

My word for 2014 came to me with such ease.


Assured that I have all that I need. Assured that I am taken care of. Assured that I can figure things out. Assured that my gut knows. Assured that I am loved. Assured that we can make things work. Assured that I'm okay.

IMG_8268And this has been tested this year. Car accident. Taking big steps that weren't exactly financially logical. I had some challenges with vulnerability and jealousy. Feeling adrift. Feeling in over my head. Feeling undeserving.

But I kept coming back here. Assured. Solid. Allowing myself to talk myself out of doubt and remind myself that I've got this. And that I'm not alone.


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