the joy

I was talking to a co-worker the other day about the plans and happenings in my little family of two. As I recited our long list, he said, "Wow. You know your life is full of awesome, right?"

And my response was a full-hearted yes.

I get to play Dance Mom/Wife to the best group of Irish Dancers the world has ever seen. (Who also took 2nd place in the regional competition in Minneapolis. BOOM.)


Lexington is an amazing place to live. This is where we bought most of our Christmas gifts. And ate Thai from a food truck.


Lexington is also bright and hip and merry. These chairs are in one of our independent bookstores. I mean, seriously. And also? The bathroom in this bookstore is my happy place. Seriously. The walls.


As much as I love Nathan, and as much as his friends are my friends as well, it is just amazing to watch him operate within a group that just truly gets him. Maybe it is because the spoil him a little as well. But they all take care of each other. It is so much fun to watch. Especially on Friendsgiving.


We get to hang out in Cincinnati with Miranda on the regular. The freedom we feel when we are there speaks volumes to her hospitality. Comfortable shoes and an appetite are all we need. It just feels like Miranda has always been in our life. She is just the greatest. (And my only resolution for 2015 is to set up my phone tripod and take more pictures of my groups of people. With myself in them.)


I could not be more thrilled to have the Johnstons in our life. Again, we are just completely at ease with them. Mario Kart. Spiked eggnog. Making gingerbread houses. There are no words of gratitude for the joy of true, easy friendship that we celebrated at Friendsmas this weekend.


And then somedays you realize that someone who you have never actually hugged (and lives hundreds and hundreds of miles away) is just a few hours down the interstate. And you arrange a distillery tour, drink bourbon, and eat smoked meat. Yup, that happened this weekend, too.



I don't know how many years that we've had one specific caroling performance on our list of things we wanted to do for the holidays. And this year we finally made it to the Carols and Lessons service. I don't think we'll ever miss it again.


The holidays are always so special, but this year has truly felt different for me. I don't know if it is believing that what I have to give is enough. Or realizing that there truly is enough time and energy for the most important things. Or just chilling out as I get older. But this is the happiest I have ever felt at Christmas. Presents are wrapped. The house is a mess. Cookies aren't going to get made. But I am happy.

And I hope the same happiness is surrounding you.

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