#reverb14 // day 4 // do over

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#Reverb14 | Prompt for December 4

Do Over: Hindsight is the one thing we never benefit from in the present.  Is there one moment you wish that you could do-over?

As I talked about in the last post, I have very, very little regret in the past year.

But I knew immediately how I would respond to this prompt. Immediately.

Mine do-over moment is so tiny, friends. So tiny that it feels silly even talking about it.

When I was in Nashville in June, I visited a coffee shop that had a few little artisan booths. Nothing over the top, just enough to browse while I waited on my iced latte.

It was hot. I'd walked a lot. I had blisters on my feet. I was over a mile from my weekend home. And I decided that I wanted one of everything in this little artisan corner. I picked up three things: earrings, a necklace and a mala (similar to this one, but just kinda.) I convinced myself that I didn't really need all three of them. That I just wanted them because I felt hot and miserable and I just wanted to console myself. I talked myself out of the mala. I took home the necklace and the earrings. And I wear them both all of the time.

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I'm still kicking myself for not buying the mala. I've been back to Nashville twice, and trekked across town to check and the vendor is gone. Yes, there are other little beauties that I want to buy there, but not the mala. Womp womp.

By the way, Santa? Here you go.

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