Reverb14 // day 2 // beautiful

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#Reverb14 | Prompt for December 2

Gorgeous | When did you feel beautiful this year?  Why?

Early in the morning. In a swanky hotel room. Could have been anywhere since we never left the skyway, but my flight itinerary told me we were in Minneapolis.

Nathan was still in the huge, white, fluffy bed. My hair was a fuzzy, but it felt glorious. Thick and curly and all over the place. Because it is mine. Because it is a legacy that came from both of my parents. And that our child would have had.


Makeup was my usual. Nothing different. But the mirror and the lighting... I just felt beautiful. Not pretty, but beautiful.

And I feel like my work the last few months have brought me to this point. I'm inviting you to join me in January.

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Courageous Foundation is about figuring out what you physically need. I will teach you to start noticing what your body is telling you. You will start to see what your body is craving with food, movement, and beauty. Once you notice, we will start to take action.

We are building a foundation of friendship between you and your body. And this process is not easy or painless. We were taught to ignore what our bodies have told us. We were not taught to eat based on hunger. We don't equate movement with joy. And often we approach beauty as a fix instead of adornment. And I want to change that for you. So that you are able to have a firm, joyful physical foundation to build upon. And then see a complete and true version of yourself rise up.

Click here for more information and to register! You can comment here with any questions you might have.