that I would be good

that I would be good.

... even if I don't follow an editorial calendar and just write whenever I feel like it.

... even if I decide that I want to make an effort to release some weight.

... even if I am angry in a place where I should be oh-so-thankful.

... even if I stop posting on my facebook page (because facebook business pages is where posts to go to die).

... even when I am overwhelmed (and it is okay to talk about it).

... even when I let my fear of financial lack get in the way of believing in abundance and provision.

... even if my forward fold still looks all jacked-up.

... even when my upstairs is overrun by clean clothes.

... even when I fear that what I have to say goes against a lot of what my contemporaries encourage (and what I thought I'd encourage).

... even when I doubt my relevance.

... even if I did nothing.

But I'm still doing things. I'm just not talking a lot.

What am I doing?

I'm shooting yoga videos for my clients. It is so fun but so terrifying.

I'm sending my more vulnerable stuff to my newsletter list. Do you get it?

I'm putting the finishing touches on happyHEALTHYholidays to run again this year. With new content. 4 weeks of self-care (and self-preservation) coaching through the holiday season, running from November 25 - December 26.

And, friends, it is good.

And I am good.