Paying attention to poses - yesyogahascurves

Friends. I am loving this #yesyogahascurves photography challenge. I feel like it is bring so many of the things I love together in one place. Yoga. Yoga with props and modifications. Photography. Yoga photography showing the available expression of the pose. And then focused reflection on one specific pose in my practice. I'm just eating it up. My process looks like this. I pick out the spot (in my house, so far) where I want to take the picture. And that is where I practice. I do whatever I had planned as my class. The last few weeks, I've been practicing at home. I am able to truly focus on form and movement. When I am at the end of my practice, I set up my camera and set the picture. After that, I'll cool down and do my savasana. Day 3: Bridge // Setu Bandha Sarvangasana


I love bridge. And I love this picture. This was one of those times that I took dozens of pictures (with my camera under my dining room table, on a block, with a remote trigger in a 2 second delay). Unsupported. One block. 2 blocks. Legs straight in the air. Tons of pictures. And one looked like this. Only this shot had the sun in just the right place. And I love it. So so much. I feel so open and responsive in bridge. And I love how the sunlight looks like my heart is shining.

Day 4: Bow Pose // Dhanurasana


This set-up was different. This was shot using my iPad and the Gorillacam app. Mostly because this pose intimidates me. It reminds me of Bikram, where I always felt very inferior. So I just wanted to get this over with. iPad propped up against the bottom stair. Grabbed my feet. Held while it snapped 15 pictures. Posted to Instagram immediately. Moved on.

Then Nathan came upstairs and I showed him my picture. Then I showed him the full expression of the pose. He made a groaning noise. So I got on the floor and showed how the chest actually rises when you push back through the feet. And, what do you know, I came up off the ground. Quite a bit. With a lot less effort than went into this photograph. When I wasn't intimidated. When I wasn't thinking about taking a picture. When I was just doing yoga.

Thank you for letting me share this process with you. I am so curious how all of this will fit together - yoga and coaching and writing and photography- in a new hybrid cross-over presentation of Krissie. So, so curious.


BeStill starts Wednesday, October 1. I am so looking forward to being your guide through quiet, rest, and what you find there. 4 weeks. 3 video prompts each week. We'll cover finding quiet, reducing noise, being held, and self-support. This offering feels peaceful and timely and so very important. You can find details and registration information here.