I was thinking yesterday how I needed something like Curvy Beloved. I was so changed by the combination of yoga and self-portraiture. But I wanted something that felt like more than casual selfies. I wanted to take portraits again. I thought about starting Curvy Beloved over, but then I found an instagram challenge from YesYogaHasCurves. And I knew it was exactly what I needed.

Luckily, it started Monday so I only had one day of catch-up to do.

Day 1: Camel // Ustrasana


I am super glad we started here. Camel has always felt way too vulnerable for me. And, after the post I had written yesterday, I was feeling a little raw. I love that Diane Bondy showed modifications on the Instagram post. It allowed me to find space that felt safe. I love that this picture is out of focus.

Day 2: Cobra // Bhujangasana


Now this is my yoga home pose. I love few poses more than cobra. I have incredibly tight hamstrings, so every part of the sun salutation up to this point feels like a challenge and is somewhat emotionally uncomfortable the first flow. My forward fold isn't foldy. My downward dog has super bent knees. But then I get here, and I sigh. With contentment. Audibly. Every time.

I am so looking forward to the next 19 days of this challenge! You can follow me on Instagram or the album on Flickr.


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