welcome home

The past 5 days at Yoga Teacher Training were amazing. And I can't wait to tell you all about it. But I'm skipping ahead. Let me tell you about coming home.

As incredible as training was, nothing beats my husband. I just love moments like these.


And there is more contentment in my "back to the real world" day than I anticipated. I have this little collection right in my view.


Friends! Be Still is $10 off until 10pm EST tonight!


Four weeks starting October 1. Three posts a week, featuring a video/audio mini-lectures and journal prompts. Discussions on the private website that I moderate. Two live chats during the month.

We'll talk about finding quiet, technological noise, behavioral tweaks to increase ease, and places to cultivate self-support.

We'll allow stillness to be a part of our daily lives. And then we'll look at the impact.

Join us. Be intentional. Be quiet. Be still.