I'm good at risk. I can take big, calculated challenges. I ran a marathon. I started a business. I'm going to yoga teacher training. I'm good at making big decisions and big choices.

But sometimes? The little things? I get stuck.

I find myself writing the same things in my to-do list day after day. I spent weeks (WEEKS) procrastinating finding a new doctor. When my insurance changed, my doctor of 8 years wasn't covered. I was sad and upset. So you know I waited until I had to rush to find a new doctor to fill my prescription. It took a whole 10 minutes to log into my insurance homepage, find a doctor close to my house, and call and make the appointment. Turns out that I really like her.

Around the same time, we were approved for a zero interest credit card. And, again, it took me weeks to do the balance transfer. I thought it would be difficult. Nope. A three minute phone call. Really. That was it. I felt ridiculous for waiting. But, again, I wrote it in my planner day after day for weeks. Because I was dreading what I was sure would be difficult.

Screen shot 2014-09-01 at 4.14.31 PM

Over the weekend, I checked off another task. I've been writing it daily since the early part of July. It just seemed daunting to me. I didn't know what I was doing. I was sure I'd do it wrong. I really wanted to check it off before I went to yoga teacher training. So I bit the bullet. I sat down with everything I thought I could possibly need. And I needed zero of it. It took all of five minutes. Easy peasy. No snags. Just...done.

I can't tell you how good it felt. And how much time I feel like I've wasted. I've spent longer than that writing the task day after day after day. I feel kinda silly. But, more than that, I feel relieved.

Is there something you can check off today? Something that you can spend 5 minutes doing that you can just stop worrying about already?