Surprise/bonus blogpost!

I didn't intend to do this. I have blogs pre-written and pre-scheduled for the week. But I wanted to say hello from Nashville. I start yoga teacher training in a little over an hour. I had a nice, easy morning. (Thank you, central time zone.) And now I'm enjoying a lovely coffee shop breakfast.


I just want to say thank you. To each of you.

You have sent me emails and texts and cards. You have thought happy thoughts for me. You have given me places to sleep. I feel like my love cup is full, full, full. And there is no room for fear or pressure or nerves. Because my cup is full of love.

Also? Nathan Bentley. I love you. I'm glad we have crazy ideas. And I'm glad we chase them. You are my heart.

I will be somewhat absent on social media this week. As a way to minimize distractions while still sharing my stories, I'll be sharing my yoga teacher training adventures/coffee primarily on Instagram this week. Click to see or follow!


Oh! And Be Still is on sale ($10 off!) while I'm away!

I'm loving today, friends. And I hope you are too. xoxo