yoga is my linchpin habit

I am a lover of lists. The to-do lists. The to-pack lists. The grocery lists. The blogs-to-write list. The offerings-to-create list. Lists create a sense of security for me. I am starting to notice, though, that my daily lists are getting shorter and shorter. And my lists of dreams and possibilities are growing.

And I think yoga is changing that for me.

When I'm practicing daily (even if that is 10 minutes with my legs up the wall), I am just better.

Screen shot 2014-09-07 at 11.21.26 AM

When I am living in the space of awareness and breath, I eat better. I sleep better. I watch less tv. I am more attentive to our finances. I read and absorb more. I take the time and awareness to make decisions based on me.

And I am finding fewer musts in my day.

I have started viewing them as could-do lists instead of to-do lists. I'm viewing my lists of things that I don't want to forget that I could do. Other than checking in on my clients, fulfilling my work duties, and being present with my husband? Everything else is a could-do.

I become more focused when I spend time getting focused.

That doesn't happen if I focus on finances or money or keeping my house clean. I could track food all day long and it wouldn't impact other areas in my life. Yoga is my linchpin habit. Yoga turns me back to me. Day after day.

I'm not trying to tell you that your life will settle down if you just do yoga daily. I recognize that yoga is my thing, and it may not be yours. I'm just inviting you to step back, look at your day, and see if there is something that is a linchpin for you. See if there is a daily habit that somehow creates a little ease in all other areas. Is it exercise? Or cleaning off your kitchen table? Or meditating? Or opening your blinds? Or putting on lotion right out of the shower?

Maybe instead of trying to focus on a million things at once, try to find one thing that creates focus and motivation. And allow it to bring ease and motivation in other areas.

What brings you back to you?