Weekly recap

Last week wasn't the greatest week for pictures. Between the cold that wouldn't quit and the phone battery that wouldn't cooperate, there isn't a lot to show. I made this bracelet, though! I broke my favorite one at yoga last week and had to restring it. So I bought some beads to practice on. And I love this one. And my favorite one is fixed too!IMG_2321.JPG


I'm running again! Super laid-back. No expectations. Just getting out there and working a 15-week couch-to-5K program that I created for clients. And I hope my head cold makes this easier to repeat this week.IMG_2316.JPG

A few days a week, I commute for 3-hours round-trip. And the construction is terrible. But, seriously, the view is amazing. Kentucky is just beautiful.


I got caught in an insane rainstorm the other day. It was sprinkling when I walked out of the building at work, and 10 steps later, it was a monsoon. By the time I got to  my car, I could have rang water out of my skirt. Just insane. And, strangely enough, this was not the day that my neighborhood streets flooded.


Friday night, I ignored my cold symptoms for date night at Night Market. My phone died after this one picture, but I like it, so that's okay.

IMG_2358The weekend was pretty much a bust. I laid on the couch, ate craft ice cream, and watched a lot of Law and Order: SVU.

IMG_2362.JPGBut at least I had good company.


The good thing about being stuck on the couch all weekend, though? I got tons of work done! Including...


be.still. is now open! Through the month of October, we'll explore ways to notice and reduce noise in your day. We'll build intentional rest and peace. And we'll build tools of self-support. I am creating recordings both in video and audio. We'll have live chats. You'll be supported by myself and other participants. I am thrilled to finally be bringing this offering to life.

And you can save $10 by signing up during early bird registration through September 15.

OH! I'll be sending out a newsletter in a few days with exciting coaching details. Are you in? Sign up here!