Flashback Friday - inevitable

This post originally appeared on the blog on July 22, 2012. I love that I can see the first stages of professional bravery here. I love that I had no idea where I'd go, but I knew i would be going somewhere. And I love knowing that I will be just as surprised when I read my current posts two years from now. Some people know what they want and then they go get it.

They work training plans. They follow diets. They make plans and lists and check things off item by item.

That’s where I’m having trouble with my professional goals. Because I’m not exactly sure what my end game looks like, but I’m getting closer. And I have my friends to credit for that.

When I ran with my friend Ann today, I talked some things through. Some things I probably should go ahead and start doing already. Because I’m not going to get any more comfortable stepping outside of my comfort zone unless I go ahead and start doing it. I’m not going to get anything I want unless I start asking.

So the to-do list for the upcoming week includes lots of research. Lots of emails. Lots of discomfort. Lots of putting my neck out. And making some necessary changes that might make others uncomfortable. But I can’t be afraid of that. If I’m going to grow, I’ve got to be all in.


In my head, the chance of me creating a career out of running and community has made the move from impossible to improbable.

Inevitable is next, friends.