newest Erin Condren goodies!

I got my reprints of two Erin Condren notebooks in yesterday! So super happy! I plan on writing a post for next week about how I have made yet more adjustments to my bullet notebook system and I'll also be showing you some beautiful stickers I am really excited to get from Inky Planner Supplies (created by my lovely friend, Lydia). But, for now, I wanted to show you the covers that I sorta love.

And, FYI, I don't get any actual dollars from Erin Condren for my love. But, if you are a new customer and use my link, we both get $10 off.

First off, though, I want to let you know that I have not had the best luck with my sweet Erin Condren lately. Of these 4 notebooks, 3 were incorrect in the first order. I lived with the first one and got reprints of the final two. I'm just a sucker for pretty things, though. And when they are correct? They are just. so. beautiful. My advice? Don't order if you are working on any sort of timeframe. The final two were ordered on 7/22/14. I sent an error report within 10 minutes of receiving the errored covers. And I received the replacements on 8/29/14. And this was with upgraded shipping on both orders. So if time is of the essence? Erin Condren may not be for you at this time. I'm really hoping it is just growing pains. Because, like I said, when they are correct? Just. so. beautiful.

I see covers sometimes and wonder how the special instructions were written, so I thought I'd share those with you. Just in case you were curious. I was not charged a design fee for any of these.


Lattice - custom colorway.

Primary Color: Orange

Secondary color: Seafoam

Special Instructions: First line (my name): All lower case letters. All in seafoam. In the font from the original design. Second line (the quote): All caps. All in white. In the LAST NAME FONT from the peacock cover. I notice two different designs for lattice. Please make sure my type goes along the side and not across the bottom.

Note: I wish my name had been in all one font. The original design shows one font. OR that if they would have made the change, my maiden and last name would have been in the same font. I don't hate it though, so I kept it. And that's fine. It kinda grew on me.


Picture This - Full Frame.

Special Instructions: line 1 - all lower case in aquamarine, in international-united kingdom first name font line 2 - as typed and in original color, in favorite things font. I would like the back to be aquamarine and iris striped only.

IMG_2291.JPGParty Pops - Charcoal

Special Instructions: I would like the background to be steel blue. Everything else in original design.

(Note: The cover was initially produced with a pale blue background.)

IMG_2290.JPGJolly Jester - Pinks.

Special Instructions: I would like the pale pink changed to TEAL. I would like my monogram as typed (small k - uppercase B - small c) in the first name spot. I would like it in the LATTICE font.

(Note: the cover was initially produced with a generic font and the letters were not the same font size. The k was taller than the B.)

So I just wanted to share this with you guys. I have written lots of times about my beloved Erin Condren products. I wanted to share an honest experience of my latest purchases. Both the beauty and the drama.

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