so I made a list

I have a tendency to get worked up when something big is about to happen.

It is something I know about me.

The hours as we are getting ready to head back home for Christmas can be especially...not fun. I'm freaked out that we'll forget something important. Or that we forgot to buy a gift. Or that I forgot to ask for the time off work.

Unless - surprise, surprise - I have a list.

20140727-173417-63257333.jpgAs I'm preparing to head off to the first session of Curvy Yoga Teacher Training in two weeks, I'm working on lots of lists.

Blogposts to write before I go.

Coaching work/tasks/assignments to prep my clients for reduced interaction for a few days (get ready, friends!).

Hopefully completing my October offering before I leave.

Packing lists. In three different bags. Because I will spend nights in three different places. Seriously. It takes a village to raise a yoga teacher. And my village is pretty darn awesome. And in Nashville.

Meal and grocery list for Nathan while I'm gone. Not because he needs me to feed him, but because I like to.

Grocery and snack list for me to take with me.

Notebooks, pens, other random office supplies I need to take to class with me.

I love logistics. They comfort me.

So when I started feeling a little insecure the other night, Nathan and I created a list. A list of Reasons Why Krissie Will Rock Yoga Teacher Training.

I love anatomy stuff. I had to take A&P 101 as part of my psych degree. And it was hard. And I loved it. So much that I was the only one of my friends to take A&P 102. And I did it as an elective. By choice. I am super excited to get my hands on this book. And this one.

The philosophy of yoga feels like home to me. It feels like all of the theories of psychology rolled into one, with some religious undertones thrown in for good measure. I am intrigued. It feels comfortable intellectually. And I love what it is doing for my prayer life.

I know I will be a good teacher. I have organized and directed groups of runners. And I am comfortable in group therapy with a dozen elementary school kids. I have people under control.

Yoga has changed me. (Just scroll through the past month of posts.) And I want to give this gift to others.

Anna believes in me. My interview was incredibly comfortable. She gets me. And she thinks I am a good fit for the program. I'm not one to question her.

And, most importantly, Nathan believes in me. When I said that I wanted to do this, he didn't hesitate. He told me to go for it. And he has taught me that sometimes things that seem crazy are the things that fill us up. To quote Nathan, "I'm a grown man who has never danced in his life. And I am dancing. In front of people. AND I LIKE IT." If he can do that (in front of hundreds of people) - with lots of effort but equal ease? I can do this.

Screen shot 2014-08-27 at 8.21.19 PMIMG_2125I love this program. Love it.

We will work to start to recognizing moments that you can make choices - moments that we may not even recognize - that support you. Choices that support your heart. Choices that support your soul. We will work together to set four daily goals that will build you up throughout the month of September. So you can go into the fall feeling more contentment and more peace. With a routine of self-care.

One month. A consultation with me. Multiple accountability check-ins a week via text message. 10 emails of support and challenge. A lovely tracking printable from Cassie at Back to Her Roots. And a facebook community - moderated daily by me - to both comfort you and hold you accountable. (There is also a more affordable option that includes printable, resources, and facebook group only.)

Goals at Choice starts on Monday, but I will close registration on Saturday to make sure that we have time to chat before we start tracking. Comment here if you have any questions or want to know more if it is a good fit for you! (You can also email me at