Goals at choice - my goal leanings

One of the things that you may not know about my coaching offerings? I do them right along with you.

If if is a brand new offering, I may be a few weeks ahead, but I don't ask you to do anything that I'm not willing to do.


I am offering Goals At Choice again this September. I love this program because we really settle in to goals that mean something. Not arbitrary goals. Not things that all the cool kids are doing. But daily actions that really have a positive impact on your experience. Actions that bring you closer to your sweet spot. 4 actions, one in each category. Self-care, health, space (surroundings, physical environment), and stretching (something outside of comfort zone).

I've been thinking a lot about what my goals will be for September. And here are my leanings today.

Self-care : I will take off my makeup before bed.


I have a terrible habit of going to bed in my full face. And my shower face soap doesn't remove all of my eye makeup, so I just try to rub it off before I put on my fresh makeup. I have an amazing Lush cleanser sitting on my sink. I'll use it regularly in the evenings as part of my bedtime routine.

Health : Only one caffeinated beverage a day.


Coffee completes me. It is my friend. A Venti Iced Latte can fix anything. But I don't need this much caffeine twice a day. I just don't. I'm not necessarily cutting an afternoon treat out of my life, but if it happens, it will be decaf.

Space: I will pick up my work mess before bed each night.


I have a habit of taking over the couch in the evenings. I'm on the left corner and the rest is taken up by my stuff. Computer, iPad, books, pens, whatever I'm working on. And then in the mornings, I am rushed to figure out what I leave behind and what to put in my work bag. Things would just be easier if I took the 5 minutes to pick up, pack up, and put away.

Stretching : I will spend time in meditation each day.


Quiet is hard for me. As a creative and a noticer, my brain just goes. I'm thinking about what I want to happen or interpreting what just happened or is happening. Quieting my brain is hard, yet final relaxation is my favorite part of yoga. So I want to spend time in intentional meditation each day. That's my only framework. It may be one minute, it may be longer. But intentional meditation most days.

Where do you want to be more intentional on a daily basis? Interested in brainstorming goals, getting text message accountability, and printing out an awesome tracker that Cassie from Back to Her Roots designed?

Click over for information and registration for Goals at Choice. The tracking portion starts September 1, but we would ideally schedule our goal chat before that date.

Questions? Comment here and I'll get back to you. Someone you think could benefit? Please pass this along!