I have had a really hard week. I had an extreme emotional reaction to a pretty benign situation.

I didn't stuff it. I didn't let it fester. I allowed myself space to define it before I talked about it.

And then I talked about it. It wasn't in a pretty package. It wasn't a well-organized talk. It was delivered with a lot of tears and a shaky voice by a little, scared girl balled up in the corner of the couch.

I reached out and received exactly what I needed. I was allowed to sit in it without immediate solution. I was given the grace to work within it instead of around it. I was given the patience to allow a resolution to come. I was held and supported.

Both by my husband and myself.

I presented some pretty extreme emotions. Over several days. With panic and such vulnerability. I was hard to love. And I received nothing but love.

Both from myself and my husband.

I look back on this week and see how much bait I put out for fights. I see how often I snapped.

But I received so much grace.

No arguing. No efforts to explain it away. No attempts to force a solution. Just love, patience, and grace.

From my husband and myself.

I am learning to accept myself where I am. In each moment. That it isn't wrong or right. That each moment is valid and means something.

I'm learning that discomfort will not destroy me. That it is okay to be tender for a time without putting a bandaid on.



I went to yoga class every day this week. (Isn't the ceiling lovely?) And every day, I felt a natural intention come to the surface.

I am here.
Be here now.

I love how I am being rebuilt emotionally by what I used to think was a physical practice.

I also love how things just align. I have been working incredibly hard on Daily Shine, with the goal of having it 100% finished before the program starts on Monday. Because of that effort, I have been bombarded with my own intentional happiness. With my own response to the prompts. With writing copy. With editing pictures. All with the goal of noticing happiness.

So, maybe in the grand scheme of things, I created Daily Shine for me. When I needed it.

Maybe it isn't about you at all.

But I still think you'd really dig it.


Happy Friday.

Happy weekend.

Happy everything.

I am here.
Be here now.