WIAW - a really good day.

I am so in love with my eats.

I am cleaning up my diet between now and yoga teacher training (5 weeks!!!). Not because I want to lose weight, not because I want to somehow be a different person before I go. I'm cleaning up my diet because I feel like I'm getting ready to to into an intense season in my life and I want to be prepared. I want to bring the best me into training so that I have less to interfere with the process.

I am intentionally not counting calories right now. Restriction just isn't something that sits well with me. I am focusing on eating and drinking what feels good. Not emotionally, but physically.

I'm not making any hard and fast rules, I'm just making intentions. I'm not saying zero, I'm saying limited. I'm just cleaning up, paying attention, setting habits.

So, my loose boundaries:

  • movement most days
  • limited meat
  • limited alcohol
  • a little less dairy
  • lots and lots of water

Here's what that looked like earlier this week.

Breakfast: my beloved smoothie. I switched out milk for almond milk (primarily since I have a recipe that calls for 1 tablespoon this week and I don't want it to go to waste). So almond milk, spinach, sliced almonds, Via, chocolate protein powder, frozen banana.


Morning snack: Have you all tried the plain hummus from Trader Joe's? Super whipped, really creamy. It is my favorite. And lots of baby carrots.

20140805-064243-24163928.jpgLunch: I made a homemade version of a salad we had over the weekend. Spinach, chickpeas, strawberries, oranges, goat cheese, almonds, balsamic vinegar.

20140805-064245-24165319.jpgAfternoon snack: cashews and a Jazz apple.

20140805-064246-24166887.jpgDinner: chickpea curry. I don't know how I feel about the recipe I followed. It was strange to not have a tomato base. I thought it was a little bland, but the quinoa made it interesting enough.

20140805-064248-24168491.jpgI realized in the evening that I didn't have Via for my smoothie the next day, so a little trip to Starbucks was required! Trenta unsweetened Passion Tea. Also made up for falling a little short on my water.

20140805-064251-24171402.jpgDo you have any super-quick limited-meat/limited-dairy dinner recipes? I'm finding myself in the overwhelm category of internet recipes lately.

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