the week that was

So...what's going on in my world... I have decided to restructure several things in my online world. First up: revamping my newsletter. I'm going to start using it as a depository for the things that are just a little too personal to be here on the blog (think questionsfordessert material). I have two videos already in my stash that will go out in the next few weeks. Sign up here to not miss any of it!

I have spent the weekend working my little fingers to the bone to get the Daily Shine ready for the world. This offering is one of the least effort and biggest potential results programs I've gotten together (and I think the most affordable at $30). Small prompts to encourage you to take a photo, mini-journal (tweet-length), or a 5-minute action. All with the intention of noticing happiness that is already present in your world. I really dig it. (Opening 8/11, by the way.)

I am wearing this necklace out. I bought in in Asheville. It mimics the chevron and the colors of my business logo.  All of the loves.


I just wrapped up a lovely heart-centered business course with Mara Glatzel. I am so going to miss spending my lunches like this.


This intersection that I drive through several times a day has been a huge thorn. It is impossible to turn left in and out of a gas station (on the right) and so many people try. This permanent barrier installation has created so much happiness in my life. I actually clapped when I saw it on Friday morning.


Why does Herschel Cat hate these blinds?!? Not only has she created a hole just the right size for her head, she has also chewed on them. She is a lovely, challenging little friend. (She is currently sitting on the back of the chair I'm in, playing with a different set of blinds, and whacking me in the face with her tail.)

20140803-170636-61596944.jpgI had macaroni and cheese for lunch one day. This is the result.


I get to spend every day with this sweet fellow. I have to fight the urge to take a zillion pictures of him.


I am building Daily Shine. And this process has felt glorious. Having a funnel cake donut and iced latte from North Lime  delivered by my husband made it even more glorious.


This salad from Crust. 20140803-170716-61636166.jpg

Oh. And this salad from County Club.


And I've even been doing some work on Daily Shine from the passenger seat of the car!


Must Read: Please tell me you are reading my darling friend Ashley's musings on her recent trip to Nicaragua. This stuff is just beautiful.

Must Listen: The Lively Show. Especially the most recent episode with Whitney English.

Must follow: Miranda, the Podcast (@ModernMilady). Because you are going to want to be there from the beginning. This girl, friends. I'll probably pee my pants.

Enjoy your week, friends!