this cookie "makes" me feel.

When I was getting my counseling degree, the power of reaction and responsibility was drilled into me. No one or situation can make me feel anything.

There is a subtle, but important, difference between "You make me angry!" and "I feel angry when you..."

I react, but I am in control. The power is in my corner. My feelings are valid, but I can choose how I react to them.

Maybe it is because of this concept, but historically I haven't given a huge amount of energy to finding commonalities between what I eat and how I physically feel.

There are some foods that actually make me feel something.

Spinach in my smoothie makes me feel full.

Ice in my water makes me drink more water.

Indian food makes me sleepy and lazy.

Chinese food at lunch ruins my day. My feet swell and I don't enjoy working out.

I've been making an honest effort to notice these cause and effect relationships about food and my body.

And, just by a natural progression, my choices are changing.

We didn't order another round of tapas on our anniversary because we would be uncomfortably full.

I have stopped wanting Yangkee Noodle for lunch - even though it has a freaking ton of veggies.

And today, I didn't get this cookie.


This flourless chocolate cookie with whipped peanut butter filling. This cookie that it takes me two hours to eat. This cookie that makes me sigh with delight.

But I know it makes me feel yucky. I know it makes me feel both bloated and on-edge. I know that I don't like how it makes me physically feel.

So I guess this is what this intuitive eating thing is all about.

How did your last meal make you feel?