I've started three blogposts today...

...and I just can't manage a coherent post. I don't know if it is the fact that I start a holiday weekend in a few hours (with Irish dancing! and the NieceS! and pool time!), or that my hormones are all in a tizzy, or that death of my cat is just overwhelming me. But I just can't write today.

I tried to write about cleaning my house, but I'm rambling.

I tried to write about what I'm learning from Danielle LaPorte today, but I didn't really find a point.

I tried to write about my updated planner system, but I am confusing myself.

So I'm just going to remind you that my newest coaching offering starts in 8 days (!!!) and leave it at that.


I am so excited about it. And this is how I explained it in an email to my beloved Holli earlier today...

In Find Your Flow, we'll look at exercise. What you think it should mean vs what is realistic/enjoyable/best for you. Lots of experimenting with different exercises (I have tried so many fun YouTube workouts for prep!). Really letting go of expectations of fitness and movement. Finding a movement sweet spot that you get to define and will be motivated to maintain.

Video lessons, facebook group chats, pinterest boards, journal prompts. An exploration of exercise that is fun and light.

(I may be beaming talking about it.) Find Your Flow page for more information!

(Yes, even my emails today have been full of sentence fragments. Maybe I need more caffeine.)