every little bit

Sometimes you just find something that makes a huge difference in your day. But it takes so much thought or commitment. It takes effort and preparation and focus and true discipline. Even though you really want to make it happen, it just seems too much to manage.


But does it really?

Or do we just need to get better at thinking outside of the box?

I blame this completely on Anna, by the way.


When I was at Curve Camp, Anna taught us how to do a sun salutation against a wall. And I have taken it to the restroom.


Every time I go to the restroom at work (which is frequently because -dude- I drink a ton of water), I go through a small series.

mountain pose. forward fold. flat back. downward dog against the wall. baby cobra against the wall. plank against the wall. right lunge against the wall. left lunge against the wall. downward dog against the wall. flat back. forward fold. mountain pose. hand series.


What extra effort does this take? Choosing the biggest stall. Doing an extra special job washing my hands. That's it.

Benefits? I feel super focused and refreshed when I go back to my desk. It feels like the equivalent to a brisk walk without having to get all sweaty in the summer humidity. And I feel like I am incorporating something that I love so much into my day, naturally, easily, organically. I love my new routine.


I don't have to carry a travel mat or worry about being in a dress. I am able to do this series at rest stops on long commute days. I do this in the Starbucks restroom. I even do it in my bathroom at home before my shower.

And I adore this part of me.


So, my question to you. What do you want to build in your life? Do you feel like it has to be this big, time-consuming step in order to be beneficial? Is that truth?

How could you fulfill your intention in a smaller way?

And if this intention is physical activity...


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You just might be doing yoga in the bathroom a month from now!