find your flow

Screen shot 2014-06-26 at 4.16.28 PM Sometimes I walk away from a situation and know that I have been changed.

And this past weekend at Curve Camp was one of those times. I have thought that I lived in a pretty body-positive (internal and social) environment, but I realized how much work I have to do at home. For an entire weekend, I didn't think about my body. I didn't worry about what I thought about it or what others thought. I wore sports bras for three days. I wore yoga pants and tank tops (yikes, was it hot in Nashville). I got some sun on my shoulders. I fixed my hair and wore makeup. I walked everywhere I needed to go. I felt like me.

I celebrated my body for what it could do, and I released what it couldn't or wouldn't. In the warrior poses, I bent my knee as far as felt good instead of as far as I could. I learned small adjustments that made huge differences, and I took them without guilt or fear of judgement.

I feel like I started to truly understand that movement is something that feeds me, not taps me dry. Movement can be something that gives me peace instead of adding chaos and expectations and shame to my life. I tuned in to what felt good, how much I had to give, and what felt challenging but not discouraging.

I started to sincerely make peace with me and how I want to define exercise in my life.

attempt great things for God

I came home and started to look for peace in my day, even when I'm uncomfortable. I'm learning to use it on my run/walks, with kettle bells, and even with food and sleep.

Do I like this? Does this feel good? How could this feel better? Would something else feel better? Am I pushing hard enough? Am I pushing too hard? What do I need? What shift can I make to get that right now?

I feel like being body-positive is less about silencing the pressure I feel from society and instead amplifying my voice of truth and making it the loudest voice that I hear. Not my voice of fear and judgement and expectation, but my voice of freedom and curiosity and appreciation.

And I'm digging this voice. It isn't always the loudest, but I'm learning to seek it. And find it.

All of this stuff about curiosity and grace and dash of potential discomfort within a regular movement practice? This. This voice is what I want you to have. This is the voice I want to teach you to listen to.


And we'll get there through video lessons, encouraging emails, private pinterest pages, facebook livechats, and optional one-on-one support.

We will spend 4 weeks, beginning Friday, July 11th, learning to approach movement with an attitude of play and curiosity.

We will use observation to figure out what types of movement feel most affirming and fulfilling.

We will create a toolbox of movement options that are flexible and exciting with less pressure and emotional charge.

Click here to register or find out more. And you can comment here or email me at with any questions.

I am super excited about this, friends. I hope you come along!