because I'm a big tease...

I decided to leave beFULL open until this evening. Because I know we get distracted on the weekends. ANd because I wanted to give you a last chance on Monday! Here's a little tease of just a part of today's beFULL prompt.

It is time, friends. Time to take radical responsibility of how we feel about our lives.

We are taught that people make radical and long-lasting change when they hit rock bottom. People that escape fight back against addiction hit a point where they realize they are powerless. So many weight loss stories begin with some heartbreaking story. So many great redemption stories start with the heroine in a helpless puddle in the floor.

We're going to challenge that. I think we can make amazing changes from right where we are. I don't think effective change requires misery as motivation.

I look at changes I have made in my life. Times when I have made serious improvements in my behavior. I’ve made several turnabouts in the past few years. And you know when they happened?

I improved my life when I realized that it was worth improving.

I started big things when I realized that I deserved them.

I am both more productive and more motivated when I am being kind to myself and realistic about self-expectations.

This week, we’re going to focus on feelings. Maybe not feelings, exactly. But A FEELING.


From there, I lead you through an activity to identify that feeling for the week. From there, we craft it into you day.

I will leave registration open until 10pm tonight (Monday). I will forward you the rest of the prompt upon registration so you can have it immediately. And then you'll be ready to roll with us!

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