my next crazy adventure...gulp.

If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen my #curvybeloved #practice pictures. (I'm not putting on facebook or twitter because they feel a little vulnerable. But, for some reason, here and Instagram feel a little safer.) yoga1

I'm totally obsessed with this yoga + self-portrait course offered by Anna and Vivienne. It is really centering me with my body. I look at these pictures and I see strength and hope and being. I feel completely different looking at these pictures than I feel when I look in the mirror.


I think about how yoga is changing my attitude about my body presently and it feels so much like how running changed my opinion of myself when I was learning to run. Running taught me that I was strong and that I could push through anything. But yoga is teaching me to listen to my body. That my body is me. To find peace and strength through stillness instead of motion. To appreciate what I am, not just what I could be.


Two weeks ago, I told you that when I close my eyes and picture myself 5 years in the future, I am a yoga teacher. And I told you what I was doing to build yoga into my daily routine. I thought that was it. I thought that was a solid step. I thought it was a good place to start. And it was.

But if you know me very well, you know that I don't just step. I leap.


Through a crazy course of the-time-is-just-perfect and the-logistics-are-more-perfect happenings, I am going to become a yoga teacher.


I'm gathering my fear and my uncertainty and I'm going to put it away. I'm gathering my passion for the atypical athlete (as proven by my running coaching/group career) and my desire to build self-knowledge (as proven by my coaching practice). And I'm taking it to the mat. And then I will bring it to lots and lots of mats. I am terrified and excited. But isn't that how I'm supposed to feel when taking a great adventure?


But here is where I am asking for your help. I want to keep a promise that I made to myself and to Nathan last year. I want to pursue my career goals without taking on any debt. (So pardon me if I go a little NPR Pledge Drive here, but please stick with me.)

Since February 2007, I have blogged multiple times a week (every day for a very long time) either here or at the old blog (yes, that link works). I have spent a great deal of time developing free coaching content (Thankful in November and Worthy to Woo). And, in ways so eloquently stated by Correnna Gordon-Barnes, I invest a lot of time and energy in the upkeep of a blog, an online business, and all of the residual information that I send your way via social media. If you'll notice, I don't advertise on my blog. I do promote my own offerings, but that's it. I don't get money from ads or affiliate links or guest posts. (Although I do get nice Erin Condren referral gift certificates.) I write because it is who I am. And I do this for the love.

I'm asking, in a non-pressure but friendly way, if you ever felt like supporting me by purchasing one of my coaching offerings, please do so now. Rest assured that you won't be funding a new camera bag or making my car payment or a trip to Sephora.

You will be helping fund my future as a yoga teacher. My hopeful career. My next step in this crazy path. And I'm not asking for a hand-out. You'll get one of my proudest projects in return.

ddog tuesday

Give beFULL another thought. Intention. Honesty. Fear-squashing. Facing forward. One month of little, daily assignments to shape a more you-ish you.

Looking at my average stats, if each of you purchased beFULL as pay-what-you-can for $12, you could pay for my yoga training. And if some of you added on a few extra dollars or purchased for a friend? I'd get closer by less of you.

If 60 of you purchased the resources + texts, you could pay for my training.

If 28 of you purchased the resources + sessions, you could pay for my training.

I say this not to guilt or to pressure because I don't know where you are. But I know that to continue coming to read my words, they must resonate with you. I must resonate with you. And I know that there are people on the internet that I would respond to if they asked me to help support their dreams by spending $25. Especially if I was getting a coaching offering that she really believed in. And I completely believe in beFULL.

I admit that this feels a little icky. It isn't my usual style at all. But kids sell candy bars to fund new band uniforms. And adults sell shirts and hats to fund the travel portions of their charity races. Sometimes the cause influences the buy. So I have to ask. Because I believe in the cause. And I believe in me.

And you'll get more from beFULL than a hat or a candy bar.


Registration closes Sunday at 10pmEST. Follow the links for info about pay-what-you-can emails only and emails + coaching.

If you found this too incredibly icky, I apologize. And I have a super-fun no-strings-attach post for tomorrow!