Tuesday eats...on Wednesday!

These posts usually turn into more of a day-in-the-life instead of just eats, but I like them. (I hope you don't hate them.) They help me be super duper intentional one day of the week. And strengthen my belief that I can create and recreate these productive and content days. 6:45am. Breakfast: the usual green smoothie. But finishing up a blogpost instead of in the car.


10:45am. Second breakfast (because i thought food + caffeine might help rabid headache): venti iced latte and egg + cheese sandwich.


2pm. Late lunch from our Co-Op. Salad was good, fish cakes were amazing, and I keep forgetting that the only green beans that I like are flat.


5pm. Tonight was run club! I did 3.75 total, but in 2 Garmin activities. It is warm out there, friends.


7:30pm. There is nothing easier than fried rice. One skillet. Easy cleanup. Super fast. And tasty.


8pm. I cleaned myself up, cleaned up the kitchen, and squeezed in 30 minutes of yoga. I paused the bedtime flow and repeated a few poses in the middle because they felt so darn fantastic.


If I allowed myself, I could feel disappointment in things I wanted to get done that didn't happen. But I'm not allowing that. I'm writing them down so they are out of my head. And then I'm going to bed with this. At 9:35.


Happy, happy day.