So this past week was pretty darn lovely. We loosely followed the meal plan from Minimalist Baker. Chili and cornbread were fantastic.20140525-174717.jpgI am still obsessed with Cassie's Command Center Sheets. OBSESSED!



Leftover chili plus sweet potato for a super easy dinner.


Super excited to get my welcome code for MyYogaPro!


The chicken salad recipe was pretty epic too.


And the veggie pizza breads? Yowsa.20140525-174844.jpg

I had lunch at the Co-Op. All of this was great, but escpecially the Thai Tofu.


I love the car wash. Just so relaxing.20140525-174942.jpg

I found pork belly lettuce wraps at County Club. And they were incredibly epic.


Also epic? This graffiti at Arcadium.

20140525-175029.jpgI am participating in a yoga self-portrait project, and it is sincerely one of the coolest things I've ever experienced. I am so shocked at how it has changed my attitudes toward my body in a week.


And looking forward...


beFULL starts a week from today!

A month of restructuring our self-care attitudes and practices. Small, daily challenges to build self-attentiveness. You can challenge your unhealthy thoughts and build contentment into your day.

I just love this program. So much.

You can read more here and can register here.

I so hope you'll join us!