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I don’t even know how to talk about beFULL. I love being a coach. I love watching people grow and change during our course of working together. And I just love this offering because it lets all of that come front and center. No expectations, no challenges, no go-go-go. Just introspection and easy doings. Self-care, self-trust, self-value.

I think when we hear self-care, we automatically go to material things. Things that cost money. Pedicures. Bottles of wine. New, fancy clothes. Lotions. Makeup.

As I have explored both my own life and been invited into the lives of my clients, I have built a much different self-care practice in my own life. One that feels more manageable, more beneficial, more consistent. And here is what it looks like.

Self-care is being authentic on purpose. Knowing how you truly want to feel. Creating opportunities in your everyday life to build and cultivate that feeling.

Self-care is creating inner safety. Identifying where fear shows up in your day. Learning how to both quiet the irrational fears and learn to trust yourself to handle the fears that may be grounded in reality.

Self-care is honesty. Recognizing the things we tell ourselves that are not rooted in truth. Identifying the labels we put upon ourselves and then questioning their validity.

Self-care is facing forward. Leaving behind stories from our past that don’t propel us forward. Defining our future selves and recognizing glimpses of that person in today. Taking the space left vacant by released self-beliefs and actively replacing them with momentum-building characteristics.

And that is what we will address in beFULL starting June 2nd. You’ll get a weekly intention and then weekday small action steps. Small daily activities to keep you focused on creating a self-sculpted inner world and surroundings.


Like I said, I absolutely love this offering.

You can click here for opportunities to join, but I wanted to extend a special offer here.

This isn’t on my coaching website. But you guys connect with me in a different way on my blog. You know me better than those that come to just my coaching website. So I want to give you a special opportunity.

I’m offering an emails-only option (no coaching sessions, text messages or facebook group) as pay-what-you-can.

I truly believe in the power and importance of interacting with me and other participants, but I understand that not everyone has $45-$100 to drop on that process. I understand that some of you haven’t experienced anything like this before and are leery of the investment. I understand that you might have a broken-down car or an out-of-work spouse or a big vacation coming up. You might have the desire and the drive but not the ability to commit to the typical fee. (And I know what that’s like. I’m lamenting myself not having funds to take a training that I am DYING to take.)

To take advantage of this offer: Send whatever funds you deem appropriate through paypal to me at at gmail dot com . On the second screen, there is a place for notes at the bottom. Put "beFULL" in that box. I will register the email address that appears on this paypal receipt unless you tell me otherwise. So if your paypal email isn't your accurate email address, note that as well in that box.

Questions? Confusion? Wondering which option to choose? Leave a comment here (someone else probably has the same question) or send me an email.

I'm super excited about this, guys. Come along.