a day in the food/sweat life. #wiaw

Yesterday was beautiful friends. Just beautiful. Sunshine, big clouds, not a lot of humidity in the morning. Sunny, hot, but windy in the evening. Beautiful. First up (as always): the smoothie.


When I went to get my badge out of my purse, I noticed it looked like it was a monocle for the little face. And it made me smile.


I wish this was watermelon. I'm obsessed with watermelon today. But strawberries (+ cheese!) will do.


Fish, rice, broccoli, squash. I wasn't a fan. Are most of fish and all of broccoli. Just picked at the rest.


So I got an iced latte on the way back to the office.


Once I got home, I was pretty hungry. I had a weird pre-run snack: guacamole and mini-pitas.


Then I went for a run! I've been doing intervals lately, but I really want to get back to consistent running. I ran the first mile without walking and took 2 walk breaks (one at turn around and one crossing a street) in the second mile. I am super proud of this. (Which says a lot about how much I have made peace with where I am.)


While dinner was on the stove, I headed outside for my daily yoga self-portrait. A bad angled photo of mountain pose. But I really really love the shot.


Then? Dinner. I am loving the 31-Day meal plan from Minimalist Baker. Sweet potato topped with vegetarian chili and sour cream. To be so simple, it was glorious.


I did some journaling while dinner settled and then I spent some time with MyYogaPro. I chose a relaxing series and it was wonderful.


Now a bath and bed!

I am so super proud of this day. Pretty close to ideal. And it didn't feel unmanageable at all.

I'm a happy girl!