I could...

I was home alone on Saturday afternoon. I didn't want to get out because it is graduation weekend and - yo - Lexington be crazy. And I started to create off a long list of things I could do right now. I could work on some behind-the-scenes stuff for coaching.

I could work on one of several new projects I have swimming in my head.

I could clean my kitchen.

I could fold this basket of socks hanging out in the middle of my living room.

I could go for a run.

I could order new running shoes.

I could text my clients.

I could fight the crowds and hang out in the back dark corner of the Chevy Chase Starbucks and get some serious coaching work done. Since finals are over. I do love it there.

But then I realized that none of this needs to be done right now. And I realized how often I think "right now" is the only time to get things done. How often I operate inside thoughts of false necessity and consequences.

So I went upstairs and picked up a book I started reading months ago. I poured a huge glass of ice water and grabbed a piece of bread. And I'm on the couch.

Because this is what I want.

In an hour, I might decide to put this on the blog. I might decide to get dressed, pack up my laptop, and head to Starbucks. Or I may take a nap.

Today, I am practicing being. And it feels really nice.

No. It feels GLORIOUS.

(I found this on my iPad Monday evening. And I loved Saturday.)