May already?

Woo, friends. Things are awesome. Huge. Crazy. But oh-good-gracious awesome.

I am totally loving what is happening with MyMay. I opened my facebook feed on my lunch break and so much of it was interaction between my clients. I cannot tell you how much this is exactly what I wanted. Super, super awesome.

Nathan and I have been going on weekly dates. We used to have a Monday date night, but since he has class on Mondays, we’ve been letting that slide. But now we’re back on. And I love it. Especially when it involves sushi. Or bourbon. Or both.


We have spent time with some amazing friends lately. I just love the internet so much. Baby shower with homemade root beer. Pulled meat and salted caramel brownies over running and bourbon conversations. Birthday parties where I get blitzed from one beer. Laughs over an inflatable mattress. So much that I just wouldn’t have experienced over the past 8 days if it weren’t for the relationships I’ve made through this blog.


Things are really really good.

And what’s next?

· Renewed focus on my health habits. I’ve revamped an old planner that I’m trying out this week. I’ll share it with you when I have a system. · I’m back to running on a regular basis. Excited to start pushing myself. · I have an amazing long-term business idea. It is big and scary and way out of my realm of expertise. But I’m super excited to share it with you eventually. · I am working on a new offering to start in June. I have a great concept, I’m just in the stages of determining a structure that fits within certain price points. So we’ll see.

Bring it on, May.