Friday Favorites: Podcasts

I spend a lot of time on the road for my real job. What is a lot? Probably close to 10 hours a week. I learned pretty quickly upon taking that responsibility that I really really enjoy podcasts. I have ran with them off and on for years, but I love listening to them in the car. And I know Nathan loves hearing about what I learned when I get home. I am sure there is some sarcasm there. For MONTHS, all of my conversations started with, "so I was listening to Radiolab..." I want to tell you about a few of my favorites. And also so you know what my style is so you can give me some recommendations, since I'm pretty well caught up. (These numbers are not accurate at all. I listen on my phone and the iPad just isn't syncing right now.)


It took me a while to narrow down to the 15 that would fit in one screenshot. And I won't go into detail about all of them. Don't worry. These are in the order that I listen to them, usually. Except...

Nerdist is only at the end because I save them for a) road trips, b) super bad moods, or c) when I am completely caught up. I hoard them. So I need them to stay at the end of the queue. I have an almost embarrassing crush on Chris Hardwick. And I have a dance to the theme music. Maybe that's why they need to stay out of mind. I can't drive and dance at the same time. Episodes to start with: either Tom Hanks, Josh Groban, Tony Hale, Chris Jerico.

Radiolab, in my humble opinion, is the greatest podcast being recorded. I love the relationship between the hosts. They could talk about moss growing on a rock (and they probably have) and I would be completely mesmerized. Good places to start: Lucy (you'll have to dig into 2010, but worth it), Death Mask, Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl.

Stuff You Should Know is dangerous for me because it makes me want to buy books about things they talk about. They are so very very random in their topics. But I could listen for days. I love the funny argumentative relationship between the hosts, and Chuck's little giggle makes me day. Begin with How Burlesque Works, How the Maori Work, and How Dying Works.

I just found Beyond the To-Do List this week, and it is changing my life. I'm not sure how I found it, but the interviews that Erik Fisher conducts are amazing. Productivity, intentionality, focus, AMAZING. That's all I can say. My favorites so far: Chris Brogan, Claire Diaz-Ortiz (you'll hear her name from me again), and Donald Miller.

The Jess Lively Show is relatively new. I have read her blog for a while so I was stoked when she started recording a podcast. I look forward to Thursdays for another reason than just Grey's now. (Stupid Harper Avery award!!! Refocus, Krissie.) She interviews bloggers/entrepreneurs about how they build their best lives. I'm smitten. My faves: Gala Darling, Danielle Moss, and Dana Shultz. But they are all amazing.

Ahhh, Freakonomics. I don't even know how to explain this show, They take an economist viewpoint on a wide variety of topics. Kinda like if Stuff You Should Know was hosted by economists instead of nerds. Super engaging, although I do skip some of them that don't capture my interest in the first 10 minutes. But when they hook me, they hook me. And I want to become a Behavioral Economist. I have no idea what that even means, but they have the coolest knowledge as guests. Highlights: Save Me From Myself, Do You Really Want to Know Your Future, and Running to Do Evil (<-- that may be my absolute favorite of any podcasts).

I hope you can find something in here to drive/run/clean to. I feel so much more productive when I'm learning and being entertained.

So, what am I missing?

Don't forget! MyMay closes and begins on Tuesday! Intentional self-care habit-building ... you know you want in!