increased self-care = increased self-trust

I've spent the last few weeks writing daily through a self-guided journaling course from Mara Glatzel. I adore the work that I'm doing. I love that I'm writing - for just me - on a daily basis. I love that I am taking the time, at so many points in my day, to take a breath and close my eyes and just see how I'm feeling. In my body, in my mind, am I expanding or contracting? Does this feel right or does this feel off? But I'm learning that I have strong opinions. We knew that already, but I have more of them. And they are stronger than I thought. And sometimes that scares me. (I'm not sharing those today.) But, to my surprise, I'm learning that I can trust them.

This lovely (and tasty) pea burrito? I'm done with it.

This weather? It is insanely beautiful and I must get out there!

This conversation? I really don't want to be a part of it.

This purse? I want it. Now. I will sacrifice if I need to at the trunk show on Saturday, but this purse belongs to me.

This book? I'm going to blow through it (and eat. it. up.) instead of cleaning the kitchen for my husband.

None of these decisions hurt me. At all. Some of them took conversations with other people, and they turned out okay. Some took changing plans, but it was fine. I look into these minor decisions, and I know I would have made different ones. I wouldn't have taken that walk at work because I had stiff to do and my makeup was a disaster when I got back. I would have eaten the entire burrito. I wouldn't have bought the bag and I would have been angry at myself every time I carried the "almost good enough" bag.

I am trustworthy. I know what is good for me. The world won't fall apart if I act how I think I should instead of how I want to act.

This statement is both simple and complex. Obvious and elusive. And I'm loving this dance in the middle of it.


How can you build self-care and self-trust?

Think about the choices you make every once in a while that just feel downright good. Wouldn't you like to make them more often?

It may be loading the dishwasher before you go to work. Or putting on eye shadow. Or choosing different shoes than the one you've worn for the past two weeks. Switching chapstick for lipstick.

It may be a quick yoga series before bed. Or spending time in your journal. Or taking some time to plan your dream vacation. Or checking your bank account.

Where are you finding space in your day to do the things that create ease and satisfaction? And how often?

I'm guessing you might be like me.

Plans. Dreams. Possibilities.The best of intentions. Expecting that one day I'll magically get everything checked off the list of things that I really want to do. And then the stars will align and I'll feel carefree and blissed out.

Yeah. Um, no. That's not going to happen. And if you expect that I can solve all of that for you? That's not going to happen either.

But let me tell you what could happen.

You could spend the month of May with me and others in your spot. (Well, the month of May plus a few days in the beginning to build the foundation for May.)

By the time we're done, you'll be able to identify what behaviors are truly self-care and you'll have different options for building them into your day. You'll have a foundation of self-care behaviors and a braintrust to help you brainstorm, see past roadblocks, and to give you a swift kick when that's what you need.

And, you know what? I bet it is a smaller financial investment than you'd think.

My work with Krissie taught me to give myself credit for what I have accomplished and credit myself with what I have the potential to accomplish. ~@LoPhoenix.

Working with Krissie helped me learn to be who/what/where I am now, and not fret that I'm not who/what/where I want to be with. I am learning to be content with the me of now. ~@Jaime_France

Welcome to our May, your May, MYMay.

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