click that shutter.

I had a few goals when the new year started. I was going to finally get this weight off.

I was going to get our finances in order.

I was going to start truly taking care of myself. Completely.

Now that I find myself in April already (at the end, even), I look back and am very proud of my year so far. It hasn’t shaped up at all like I thought it would, but it has shaped up exactly as it should.

Through various readings with various coaches, I am learning how to be unapologetically me. And a big piece of that is being unapologetic to myself. I am learning how to trust myself to identify my true needs and wants, and to follow them without guilt or apology. I am learning the difference between what I want and what I think will passify or distract me.

Do I have this weight off? Nope. Have I made progress? Yup. In a two-steps-forward-one-step-back way. But this way is something that feels purposeful and maintainable and right for me. The downward graph is not as steep as it has been in the past, but it feels solid. Like something I can do for the rest of my life. And still have a life.

Are my finances in order? Yes and no. I am more intentional with how I spend. I only buy things that I truly love – food, clothing, office supplies. If I’m not 100% on fire about it? Then it doesn’t come home with me or get put on my plate. Period. I am learning to trust that I will choose what is best for me. What makes me feel best. And that as long as I have my best interest and best self in mind, my world will conspire with me to make everything balance out.

So how am I doing this?

Don’t laugh.

I am using the camera on my phone to help me make decisions. Both in the moment and in reflection.

Sometimes, in the moment, I have a hard time looking at something and being able to figure out if it is what I truly want, if it is truly fantastic. How does this dress look? Would this yoga mat really change my life? Would this piece of cake truly vastly improve the quality of my day? (Because that’s how my desires immediately resonate in my head. “This would change my life!”) When I try to figure out if a piece of clothing is amazing, I may not be able to tell in the mirror, but I can tell in a picture. Food that looks appealing in front of me has a different appeal when I turn my back and look at the picture. Sometimes, just that little bit of distance can remove some of the emotional charge from my decision.

And pictures really help me reflect as well, which builds how I make future decisions. A few times a week, I flip through my pictures of foods and purchases and see how they feel after the fact. The super veggie calzone from Sunday afternoon? I stopped at less than half and that salad with it was the highlight of my day. That bag I really wanted but didn’t buy? I stopped thinking about it as soon as I was out of the store and made the right decision. That dress I bought that is still in the bag (somewhere)? Maybe it wasn’t the best purchase. I need to wear it or take it back.

Looking back on my decisions – in photographic form – helps me process. I am able to both see where I could do better and recognize strengths to build an emotional foundation of successes. I am able to see – visually, without question or judgment – when I need to refocus. I am able to see when I am being intentional and true. Without numbers, without judgment. With trust and contentment.

So… Let’s talk about what’s next. And see how you can work with me to incorporate some of this into your day.


MyMay is a coaching offering that begins on April 29th. This program offers an opportunity for you to be guided through the process of creating an intentional self-care routine. I truly believe that listening to our self-care needs creates the foundation for success and intentionality in all other areas of our lives. This offering is a time for you to focus on trying out different self-care behaviors and build a self-care practice that is fulfilling for you. You will not be in competition with other participants, but instead you will all be a type of braintrust and sounding board for each other. This offering will teach you how to evaluate self-care behaviors and tear down roadblocks and excuses. You will finish with a desire to continue to pursue internal contentment within the context of challenging yourself to reach a higher level of self-care. Without guilt. Without worry. But starting right where you are, and ending right where you will end. Simple as that.

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