there's nothing on the bathroom floor for me.

So I've been reluctant to be assertive in my coaching practice. And I have been lying to myself about the why. My initial justification would be that it was because I was content where I am. I have a few clients that I adore and keep me plugged in. I feel like I am doing enough right now and I'm content with where I am.

But that's not the truth. Not even 10%.

The truth is that I'm shaken. The last offering I developed felt like it was a gift from the divine. I am not kidding. At all. It was inspired and inspiring. It was challenging and hard and life-changing. But, also? It was expensive. When I looked at effort required on my part and the length of the program, I priced it at the absolute bottom of what I could charge.

And then it flopped. And I was kinda shattered. Did I understand? Absolutely. I mean, I couldn't have afforded it myself. But that didn't soothe the sting. And the impact on my pride and confidence was massive.

But over the past few weeks, I've had a few experiences to build me back up a little.

Danielle LaPorte posted that she was not launching a magazine. After hiring people and seeking submissions and teasing it for months, her magazine is a no go. She wrote a beautiful post about how she just decided to pull the plug. Although it isn't exactly what happened to me, the impact on me was huge. She - the definitive Danielle LaPorte - had a project that just wasn't working. So she cut it. She reminded me that I could repurpose the material, let go of my ego, and center myself on why I do what I do. That helped me metaphorically climb off the bathroom floor.

And then last week, I was lamenting to my husband about how I was worried about my ability to ever have coaching as a full-time gig. My strong point is the coaching itself, not acquiring clients. I said something to the effect that all of my clients were doing so well and were building a story that I wouldn't always be a part of. I love seeing them succeed, but that is getting them farther away from needing me and what I bring to their lives. He gave me a disapproving look and said, "Krissie. Has it occured to you that maybe the reason they are doing so well is because they are working with you? Because what you do works?" BAM. Who cares how long I am useful to them? As long as I am getting them closer to their authentic selves, then I am doing my job. I am living my dream. I am doing things right.

Earlier this week, I decided to pull myself up off the bathroom floor for real. I really didn't plan this well (as my heart felt I would wait until mid-May to make a push for a June offering), but I am running MyMay again this year. I have everything up and running and ready to go. Just waiting for you to join us.

So, what is MyMay?

MyMay is a chance to spend a month with me in a less-commitment-than-usual setting. You'll get prompts to set your intentional goal behaviors that we'll track through the month of May. By the time we're done, you'll be able to identify what behaviors are truly self-care and you'll have different options for building them into your day. You'll have a foundation of self-care behaviors and a braintrust to help you brainstorm, see past roadblocks, and to give you a swift kick when that's what you need. And for a smaller investment than my recent offerings.

I'm sure you'll hear much more about MyMay, but it starts on April 29th, so I just wanted to start getting the word out.

Is there anything you need to pick yourself up from? What step could you take today to get off the bathroom floor?

(And, no, I won't post a picture of Izzy in her prom dress. Although I want to. Badly.)