So colorful!

So...the week that was. I've been doing a lot better with my journaling! I'm spending some quality time with Mara Glatzel videos.20140414-174856.jpg


My friends had a party for the basketball championship game last week (was that really just a week ago?!?), and I took vegan lemon cookies. They were pretty fantastic.20140414-183229.jpg

After run club last Tuesday, we ate at the attached seafood restaurant. The special? Black bean mushroom burgers. The "meat" texture came from bulgur. It was amazing.


I have fallen in love with this book. It validates what I feel about running my business. I am just smack in love.


I had lots and lots of salads last week. Zero complaints.


I ran a Color Me Rad 5K on a total whim. It was incredibly fun. And I can't wait to run with Kara again!


Saturday marked fifteen years since our first date. I just love this guy.


After church on Sunday, we went to Cup of Common Wealth, and someone had purchased a free drink for me! I'm glad that Nathan's dance partners get a kick out of my brief jealous rage.


I hope you week was fantastic as well!