April Intentions

I feel like I made it through March with passing grades. I wasn't cruising through my classes, I was doing just enough to pass. I was doing just enough to not lose ground. And that's not where I want to be. My initial plan was to spend April making a organization and cleaning plan that I would start to utilize in May. But that's just not going to happen. So here's what April will look like:


  • We are going back to vegetarian-at-home. I just felt much more in control that way. You'll see several new recipes later in the week from this continuing adventure.
  • I am getting back in a consistent workout routine. No more excuses. The weather is nice. The Plague is over. I have no excuses. I have a plan that I am going to practice this week for manageability, and I'll keep you updated.


  • Continue tracking spending (categorizing twice a week).
  • We are instituting a weekly date night which will include a meal out. This meal will be my only meal out each week.
  • Complete balance transfer on the credit card. I have the new line of credit, I just need to make the call to initiate the transfer.

Career (this is probably going to sound boring):

  • Upgrade MailChimp to enable autoresponders.
  • Finalize free program and feed into MailChimp.
  • Offer free program to current email subscribers.
  • Offer free program to new email subscribers.
  • Open May program.

Vision Board:

  • One outfit a week specifically from Pinterest.
  • Minimize shoes based on "Would I Pin?" criteria.
  • Minimize jewelry based on "Would I Pin?" criteria.

So, how are you shaping your April?