what a weekend!

The only thing better than my birthday? My husband's birthday. After work on Friday, we drove up to Cincinnati and spent the night at 21C. We knew we'd be happy since we loved Louisville's 21C so much. And we chose wisely. bed


We had dinner downstairs at Metropole. We got fancy. We clean up pretty nicely, I think.


Another draw of the hotel is the art museum. We wandered around before dinner.


Dinner was fabulous. My favorite was my dessert - warmed bourbon with rose-infused honey.


No, my favorite part was getting to look at this guy all evening.


Saturday morning, we walked a mile or so, crossed the river, and spent some quality time with sea creatures.


I know this picture is fuzzy, but I don't care. He is just my absolute favorite.


It was a beautiful day and I'm so glad we decided to ditch the car and walk.


And we had a bonus birthday dinner. WITH MIRANDA!


We headed home and made plans to stop at a Final Four party our friends were throwing. Little did we know that there would be (vegan black-bean) brownies with a birthday candle just for Nathan!


There are some weekends that are just epic. And this was one. (And I didn't even talk about his first party Thursday night at the pub with his Irish dancing buddies and some of our oldest friends.) Every day, I am so thankful for this guy. But on weekends like this? There are truly no words.

Happy birthday, honey. I'm so glad you're mine.