living my 2015 board - stripes

One of the assignments from my Precision Nutrition - Lean Eating program that I have really ran with is creating a 2015 vision board. I love having the end-game in sight. I am digging the opportunity to be able to define who I want to be in 2015. I have learned a lot from it already, though. I think I thought that these things I want to be - the me that I want to portray - could only come AFTER a physical transformation. I have been really surprised to see how I have started to live out my vision board here in the beginning of 2014. I am loving how many things I have at my disposal already that I wasn't utilizing.

The first thing I did with my board mind was cut my hair. There are a lot of haircuts pinned to my board. I was really digging the Meg Ryan short, curly, messy look. And that's the picture I took when I went in to the salon. Except I didn't want to lose my bangs. I went from long and mostly in a ponytail to down and curly.

Screen shot 2014-01-31 at 7.03.18 PM

Yup, this picture is slowly becoming my profile picture everywhere. The love I have for my hair overshadows my need for lipstick.

There are also a lot of stripes and layers on my pinterest vision board. So when I got dressed one morning last week (the same day I took the hair picture), I looked for stripes. And I found them.

Screen shot 2014-02-02 at 9.36.56 AM

I bought this striped sleeveless dress on consignment probably a year ago. I think it is from Target, and I think I paid $6 for it. And I went from there. I wish I had a more flowy sweater, but this cardigan (from Old Navy) did the trick. I have no idea where the striped scarf came from, but it matched perfectly. And it hid the plunging neckline so I didn't have to use a safety pin.

Screen shot 2014-02-02 at 9.37.21 AM

To complete the layered feeling, I wore my navy Lululemon pants and my Frye boots that I am utterly and completely in love with. I think I've worn them almost every day since I bought them.

Granted, this outfit isn't exactly what I keep pinning on pinterest. But it is definitely a movement in that direction. Stripes. Layers. Yoga pants. Boots. It all came from my current closet. And I'm down with that.

I'm partying like it's 2015, friends.

And since I showed you our little Hershel yesterday, I'll leave you with my sweet Scully today. Friends, this girl has my heart.

Screen shot 2014-02-02 at 9.37.38 AM